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Welcome to Capes Health Professionals. Workplace Health Wellbeing Engagement

Cost savings calculator

Average number of days of absenteeism per employee per year 6.60
Average cost per day £92.27
Annual number of days lost 0.00
Annual costs 0.00
Staff Turnover
Annual estimated staff turnover (%) 15.7%
Turnover cost per position 30,614.00
Annual costs 0.00
Annual costs* 0.00

Health and wellbeing makes commercial sense

Research indicates that every £1 invested returns £6.19

* Evidence shows a ratio of 1:2.5 for the cost of absenteeism to presenteeism. Therefore, for every £1 cost to business of absenteeism, there is estimated to be an additional cost of £2.50 due to presenteeism.
* The figures for absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover are based on national averages from a variety of sectors.
* This cost savings calculator should be used as a general guideline and actual figures may vary across businesses.

Consultancy & Tailored packages

£ 0
Health needs assessment
Gain insight into your employees health
PDF of results from survey *

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£ 400/MONTH
Effective planning
Advice and guidance on best practices tailored to your workplace
Effective implementation strategy
Maximising engagement best practice
Monitoring and evaluating guidance
Development and progression
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£ 800/MONTH
Features of Basic
Provision of resources and materials required for programme branded to your business**
On-site support with initiative delivery

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£ Tailored
Features of Basic & Professional
Set up and delivery of tailored initiatives targeting key issues affecting your workforce
Management of the programme for the most effective return on investment
Delivered by qualified health professionals
Quarterly reports
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* *for detailed analysis and report of findings a fee of £200 is required
**does not include print

Individual services

  • Lifesytle Guides
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  • Workplace Health Challenges
    Workplace Health Challenges
  • Health Talks
    Health Talks
  • In-House Massage Therapy
    In-House Massage Therapy
  • Postural Assessments
    Postural Assessments
  • Health Insurance
    Health Insurance
  • Stress & Resilience Workshops
    Stress & Resilience Workshops
  • Safe Working Assessments
    Safe Working Assessments

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